Accelerate growth with multi-account LinkedIn outreach

Run unlimited outreach campaigns from multiple accounts and instantly reach your LinkedIn target audience with automated, ultra-smart sequences.

Unlimited LinkedIn outreach with multiple accounts

Scale your LinkedIn outreach indefinitely, by connecting multiple accounts on a single campaign.


Import your leads and accounts

Connect multiple accounts to scale your outreach indefinitely, staying within LinkedIn's limits. Set up working hours when your audience is most active on LinkedIn, select the accounts you want to connect on that campaign, and let HeyReach do the job for you!


Set up ultra-smart sequence

Build the ultra-smart sequence with actions to warm up your prospects as you see fit. Set time delays to replicate human behavior, and use A/B testing to learn which message performs better for your audience!


Personalize each message in campaigns

Personalize messages with provided or custom variables for higher conversion. Stand out from the crowd with a personalized message for each prospect and skyrocket your reply rate.

💡 Use case

Let's say, you need to contact 1000 leads. You are sending 100 messages per day, per LinkedIn account.
With a single LinkedIn account (what every other LinkedIn tool does), the campaign will end in 10 days.

HeyReach, allows you to connect an unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts to scale your outreach game.
By connecting 5 accounts on that campaign, for example, the campaign will end in 2 days, which is 5x faster than what the other tools allow you to do.

Everything unlimited for all accounts

Reach your LinkedIn leads faster with multi-account outreach