Extract leads from anywhere on LinkedIn

Connect multiple accounts to find and extract unlimited leads through 6 different search types. Extract an infinite number of unique leads with multiple accounts from: LinkedIn's search, groups, events, post engagements, people and companies from Sales Navigator.

Get an unlimited number of LinkedIn leads

Execute different search types from multiple accounts, at the same time.


Extract more leads with multi-account search

Search from multiple accounts at the same time, and exponentially scale the number of leads you extract through HeyReach. Get thousands of unique results from LinkedIn in minutes by running searches from multiple accounts.


6 different searches at the same time

Use all search types to extract prospects from multiple accounts, simultaneously. Extract people from LinkedIn's search, events, and groups. Use your Sales Navigator subscription to extract more than 2,500 people and more than 1,000 companies by connecting and searching through multiple LinkedIn accounts.


Manage your lists

Want to remove or add a specific prospect to a list? You are one click away. Merge, combine, intersect, or differentiate lists to reach your buyer persona. Save the list and start building your smart sequences to launch unlimited campaigns!

💡 Use case

You can export up to 1000 people per LinkedIn account, through the standard LinkedIn search.
With a single LinkedIn account (what every other LinkedIn tool does), you are limited to extracting up to 1000 people from one search query, in a world of 870M+ LinkedIn users.

HeyReach, allows you to connect an unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts, on a single search query.
By connecting 5 accounts on one search query, for example, the search will generate up to 5000 unique people, which is 5x more leads than what the other tools allow you to extract.

Get unlimited amount of data from LinkedIn

Connect up to 3 accounts for free, and extract data from all of them, combined!