Why 2000+ people ❤️ HeyReach

Ramzi Malas

Founder @ Lux

As a sales team of about 10 individuals, we used to face a lot of time-consuming problems with other LinkedIn automation tools. However, Heyreach helped us substantially increase the number of accounts we're using for outreach, making us a lot more efficient and resulting in more appointments on the books.

Tom Fisher

Owner @ GoatOutreach

It is a massive, massive game changer for us. And there are a number of reasons why being able to pull data off via Sales Navigator, quickly and efficiently is a massive, massive win, I can run some extraction of data, and it will take five minutes to go and get a list of two and a half hours and prospects.

Davis Lejnieks

Reddit Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

The platform itself as seen in the beta, already gives so many tools and possibilities. Actually gets my heart pumping because it's not only a single profile, you can actually add different profiles to it. You can actually create awesome workflows.

Darko Davkovski

Owner & COO @ NextSales LLC

The thing that I like is that you have the ability to connect multiple accounts to the same campaign, and this will allow us to truly scale outreach without the risk of getting our accounts suspended. So this is I believe, a huge value point and a huge value proposition for us as an agency.

Effie Moss

CEO @ Boost Agency

Heyreach have actually reached a wonderful balance of being able to give you speed, great features, brilliant reporting, dashboard as well, and the ability for agency owners like myself to be able to run campaigns at which we know the tool will then just carry on and take care of whilst we walk away and work on day to day stuff.

Verified user

What do you like best about HeyReach?

Simplicity. I connect my Linkedin account and immediately I have the possibility of connecting with my target audience, send them the right and personalized message, and keep track of every communication, past and present.Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about HeyReach?There is nothing I dislike about HeyReach at this moment in time, everything I needed it to do, it does it extrmely well and very satisfied with the product so far.

Jun 14, 2023


Quality all the way.

You have a great product and team, you took the professional approach and were rewarded. Wish you future success, keep supporting early adopters and you will fly.

Jun 18, 2023


A must for any workflow related to LinkedIn targeting & selling.

I haven't used similar software but even in my first days it was very easy to navigate.I was able to create 2 campaigns in a matter of hours. Support is helpful and good. Founder is very responsive. Highly recommend it.

Jun 24, 2023



Exceptional tool! I recommend it.

Jun 21, 2023


Solid testing platform

Still need to dive deeper into it, but this seems like an excellent replacement for Testgorilla, and the team seems committed and active. Positive that this will have a long lifespan. Highly recommended

Jun 21, 2023


Stop reading and go get it.

This is a good one. Multiple accounts. Multiple campaigns. Unified inbox. Search then add to a List. Then visually create a campaign and select the list you just created. Stop wasting time. This is the one.

Jun 18, 2023


Worthwhile Automation 5/5 👍

I have tried several similar tools, but I stick with this one for the following reasons:
🌟Easy to use and intuitive.
🎯It provides the power of automation and continuous customer feedback, not just once through behavioral conditions.
⚙️🔄The support team is excellent and always goes the extra mile. 👏🌟

Jun 17, 2023


LinkedIn Superpowers

2 main things aside from HeyReach just being very nice
1-Sender rotation is a superpower for linkedin in the same way it is for email
2-HeyReach is easy to setup and use. Very clean and as simple as possible setup and user interface. Really nice.

Jun 16, 2023


Great tool

Tested my first campaign - I am really impressed so far.

Jun 16, 2023


Best Linkedin automation tool.

Been looking for a tool like this. The team is super responsive, which is awesome. The unified inbox is a time saver. UI looks refreshing. I’m really liking this product so far.

Jun 16, 2023


Brilliant all round.

I’ve just started using this, purchased tier 2 and needed to reach out to support on a couple of questions. They responded fast, and helped massively. Great tool, great service and I’ve already recommended it to clients. Great work

Jun 16, 2023


A very promising tool!

The support team is amazing, by far one of the best of any product I've purchased from Appsumo. It has some bugs that are normal for a new tool, but it has a lot of future potential. I was promised some settings, I'm waiting for the adjustments.

Jun 16, 2023


Automation is amazing

I just launched my first campaign. The tool is easy to set up compared to waalaxy. I was using waalaxy in the past. Heyreach has excellent potential, but hoping that my account won't get banned. I was on the fence about buying this tool only for that reason🤞🏽. Otherwise, it's a powerful LinkedIn automation tool.

Jun 15, 2023


Powerful automation tool

Essential software for any industry as outreach is critical in getting more leads that need to be clients. Supportive and responsive customer support. A key tool for businesses and startup's survival, longevity and being able to identify and connect to opportunities as they arise.

Jun 15, 2023


A lot of potential

I see a lot of potential in Heyreach, team is responsive, and I think it will become a very good product with time because of the features listed on the roadmap (although we'll see how many of those items get delivered to Sumolings for free with this LTD). Overall, I like this product.

Jun 15, 2023


Excellent product for increasing outreach

As a local digital marketing agency owner looking to expand internationally, I considered using the HeyReach platform when they appeared to increase our reach and extract leads from LinkedIn. Having the deal on Appsummo accelerated my decision. HeyReach allows you to connect multiple LinkedIn profiles, extract up to 1,000 leads per search, and obtain high-quality leads. HeyReach works with free LinkedIn and Sales Navigator accounts, allowing you to use multiple accounts. I am satisfied until now. We will go deep into the options provided by the team.

Jun 15, 2023


Finally, all-in-one solution

I've used many LinkedIn automation tools, and I've been Waalaxy user for a few years but the all-in-one solution Heyreach was what I needed. Thank you to the team

Jun 15, 2023


Stacked Up

Saw a few tutorial videos, and the tool looks promising! I can't wait to take it out for a spin. I love the concept of account-rotation for the same outreach sequence. P.S. I hope the additional codes will be merged into the same account.

Jun 14, 2023


Excellent LinkedIn Outreach Tool

HeyReach is a game-changer for LinkedIn outreach. It allows me to sidestep the platform's restrictions by splitting my campaigns across multiple accounts, while seamlessly syncing with my CRM and delivering thousands of leads every week. It's like having a personalized, cloud-based outreach assistant that brings home the bacon!

Jun 14, 2023


Finally, exactly what I was looking for

Nearly 4 years buying products in appsumo, half a dozen Linkedin tools bought here. NONE, and I mean, none.. come close to HR (HeyReach). Without naming names, some of the past Linkedin outreach tools have been an absolute disaster, and I am talking from experience.

4 things to be paying close attention to:
- Is it SAFE?
- Can you really monitor and execute with a clear birds-eye-view of connections and communications in Linkedin?
- Are you really in complete control of outreach, present and past, with the ability to keep contacts nurtured?

The answer to all 4, having tested HR at length is... YES. This is the one you´re looking for. As long as you´re not a spammer and are a true professional... then, you won´t regret taking this tier 2 for a ride and get the results you´d expect from Linkedin. 5 tacos any time.

Jun 14, 2023


Great Product

Easy to use and Setup, Highly Recommend this tool, this will help massively.

Jun 14, 2023



This is literally saving me 4-5 hours a week! Thank you for building something that works so smoothly.

Jun 14, 2023


Perfect for working on LinkedIn

If your goal is to dispense with tools like Dux Soap or LinkedHelper, to work only in the LinkedIn ecosystem, HeyReach is the tool for you. No doubt about it. 100% safe. If you need data enrichment, I'm sorry to say that at least it's not yet what you're looking for, and that there are other tools that do it better. In my tests the number of profiles from which I get the mail (professional mail) is around 7%. It is also true that from HeyReach csv, and using other tools to enrich and check the validity of the emails, the result can be very good. Personally I recommend it without any doubt. Purchased and 0 refund possibilities.

Jun 14, 2023


B2b lead gen more easier

Love this software! This help b2b lead gen more easier .

Jun 14, 2023


1 Sales Navigator subscription + multiple LinkedIn profiles = HeyReach

I'm loving it. It's a gem. I can immediately put HeyReach to use. Support is responsive too! The rotation feature within HeyReach is genuis. I can connect multiple LinkedIn profiles on the same search & inbox.

Jun 14, 2023


Waalaxy Replacement?

So far so good. I've been using Waalaxy for some time now, so I feel like I'm cheating... But anyone who uses these tools knows they all have their own strengths & weaknesses. I think the LTD for Waalaxy has been incredibly generous, yet they seem to shine mostly at getting connections at volume - and to be clear, Waalaxy DOES have a cloud connection, and so far I've never had any account issues. Where they are weaker is where I think Heyreach is strongest - nurturing, inbox work, and rotation (if you need/want that). I've only just started my first connection campaign, so I'll update this is it fails or something bad happens...but the tool so far has delivered. UI is super clean/smart, and pretty much self-explanatory. The founder, Nikola, is engaged and seems to be a good guy (young dude?), and open to partnering with the Appsumo community for feedback and support as he builds this thing out. Time will tell (as we all know). My big complaint: they need to get the CSV upload function live asap, and deepen the search variables for building lists. With the prime goal of account safety, they've chosen on purpose to not have an extension and do everything in the cloud. Makes sense - but with that their internal tool needs more bells/whistles. They're working on it. For now, it's already 99% of the way there, and I'm admittedly new at learning how to navigate everything. I think it's a winner! Having used these tools extensively over time, I can say this tool finds the sweet spot between Waalaxy & Dripify. I missed all the features of Dripify, so this couldn't have come at a better time. Nikola, keep developing this and follow through on your promises, stay active and communicative. Hell hath no fury like a Sumoling scorned :) (or something like that)! 60 days! PS - would love to see collaboration between Heyreach & BreakCold!

Jun 13, 2023


Exactly what I was looking for (and more!)

I don’t often leave reviews, only when I find something great. This tool is perfect for all LinkedIn tasks. I’m so happy about the easy to use interface. I love how much you can customise the triggers with automation. I was pleasantly surprised with how much functionality you get. Don’t miss this great piece of marketing software. Keep up the great work HeyReach!

Jun 13, 2023


Amazing LinkedIn Tool

Best LinkedIn Tool I have ever Found

Jun 13, 2023


Amazing App

The Value you are getting is truly remarkable! Everything is great, one feature request is the importing CSV, which they are adding by end of next week. Apart from that, great application, everything all in one!

Jun 13, 2023


Amazing LinkedIn Outreach Made Easy with HeyReach!

Hey there, I want to share my experience with HeyReach, and I must say, it's an awesome LinkedIn outreach tool! Here's why I'm impressed:

1. Seamless Account Rotation:HeyReach allows you to effortlessly connect and rotate multiple LinkedIn profiles within your outreach campaigns. This game-changing feature ensures safe scaling and helps you bypass account restrictions, maximizing your reach and impact.
2. Advanced LinkedIn Search Capabilities:With HeyReach, extracting high-quality leads from LinkedIn has never been easier. Even without Sales Navigator, you can dive deep into the platform and discover prospects among people, companies, event attendees, group members, and more. The precision and ease of the search functionality are truly remarkable.
3. Versatility in Functionality:HeyReach surpasses expectations by offering a versatile toolkit for all your outreach needs. From automated sequences and A/B testing to AI personalization and a unified smart inbox, HeyReach streamlines your sales workflows and enhances efficiency. The seamless integration with popular CRMs like HubSpot and Pipedrive is an added bonus.
4. Intelligent AI Personalization:Crafting personalized messages is a breeze with HeyReach's intelligent AI personalization feature. You can tailor your messages to specific tones and objectives, elevating the impact and effectiveness of your outreach efforts. It's like having a personal assistant to assist you in every interaction.
5. Uncompromising Account Safety:HeyReach prioritizes the safety of your LinkedIn accounts during outreach campaigns. With dedicated IP addresses, you can engage with confidence, knowing that your accounts are protected. Building valuable connections has never felt so secure.
6. A Future of Continuous Improvement: The HeyReach team is dedicated to constantly improving the tool, and their roadmap reflects their commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. Exciting features like email automation, SMS capabilities, and cold calling are on the horizon, promising even more ways to enhance your outreach strategies. In conclusion, if you're in need of high-quality leads and want to take your LinkedIn outreach to the next level, don't miss out on HeyReach. It's revolutionizing the way we connect and engage on LinkedIn. Trust me, you don't want to miss this amazing opportunity.

Jun 13, 2023


The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

Hey, I used a lot of LinkedIn automation tool and I wanted say the best one is HeyReach. I have a sales agency so I need a much LinkedIn account so I ıse multiple accounts on one campaign, simultaneously. Thank you HeyReach team.

Jun 13, 2023


I'm hooked

Workflow setup super easy. Messaging can even have GPT prompts as input. GENIUS! Love it! My first hyperpersonalized campaign is starting... Already 12 connection requests sent... Super cool! Def recommend!

Jun 13, 2023


HeyReach does what it promises.

A friend recently introduce me to social selling outreach using Linkedin and that is why I stumbled upon HeyReach. The tool does what it promises and as I have seen the roadmap, it looks more promising. I just bought this tool yesterday, ran my first campaign, and I already got 2 customers. I am fully supporting this product for sure.

Jun 12, 2023


Best tool there in the market.

We tried this tool a while back and couldn't afford this tool. Was pretty disappointed because this was soo freaking good. They have all the features we need and the support is to the point. The team is always developing new features and pretty happy with everything.

Jun 12, 2023