Scale your LinkedIn outreach indefinitely.
For Agencies and Teams

Safely send unlimited connection requests & messages from multiple accounts, with the only agency-first LinkedIn automation tool on the market.



🧩 Use multiple accounts on one campaign, simultaneously

Connect as many accounts as you want to a single campaign or execute multiple campaigns simultaneously. Now your team can safely scale their LinkedIn outreach indefinitely, without the need of surpassing LinkedIn limits.
Why multiple accounts

πŸ” Find and extract leads from anywhere on LinkedIn

Extract people & companies from LinkedIn's Search

Don't have a Sales Navigator? Not a problem; utilize LinkedIn's search at scale without the need to manually log in to your accounts.

Extract people & companies from Sales Navigator

Extract more than 2500 leads from Sales Navigator by searching with all your LinkedIn accounts, and combining the lists of prospects into one.

Extract group members

If you are a member of a LinkedIn group, you can easily build a list of all the group members in seconds.

Extract people who engaged with a LinkedIn post

Build a list of the people who interacted with any public LinkedIn post. It can be your own post, a competitor's, or even an influencer in your industry.

Extract event attendees

Extract all people who attend a public LinkedIn event of your interest and build a hyper-targeted list of prospects.

πŸ“’ Ultra-Smart Sequences

Build a sequence of actions that will automatically be executed on a list of prospects. Send connection requests, endorse people’s skills, view their profiles, like their posts, send hyper-personalized messages, and more!

Deep-dive analytics
A/B testing
Runs on autopilot

πŸ“¨ One inbox for all accounts

Communicate with all of your leads in one place. Our smart inbox allows you to manage all of the conversations from multiple connected accounts in one place. Add tags, pin conversations, and filter by campaigns!
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πŸ“Š Native Integrations

Sync your prospect list from HeyReach to your CRM through our native integrations! Zapier, Pabbly, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Webhooks, you name it!
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Unlimited LinkedIn outreach. For real.

Your team can finally safely scale the LinkedIn outreach indefinitely.
No credit card required.

Hear from our customers

dancho test.jpg

Danco Dimkov

CEO @ BizzBee Solutions

HeyReach's reporting is outstanding! As a B2B LinkedIn agency, we have used HeyReach since it's alpha version to automate our outreach and avoid the traditional, clumsy, manual approach. We’ve been able to run unlimited campaigns from multiple accounts for ourselves and for our clients. With the intuitive dashboard, our team is always in control of all accounts' performance!


Nikola Sokolov

CEO @ Influencers Club

HeyReach has been a game-changer for our LinkedIn outreach at Influencers Club! We’ve connected with hundreds of creators & creator startups! Thanks to Nikola and the HeyReach team for changing the game and making LinkedIn outreach unlimited, effortless, and, most of all, hassle-free for our entire team!

rohan li.jpg

Rohan Chaubey

Startup Growth Advisor | Bestselling Author

I'm a strong supporter of Howitzer, since day 1! They did an amazing job with Howitzer for Reddit. Now with Heyreach, I can connect with a huge number of prospects and launch unlimited outreach campaigns. As a Growth Advisor, I strongly recommend HeyReach to build relationships with your prospects!