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10-49 seats

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3 LinkedIn account seats included
3 LinkedIn account seats included
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All seats include

100% Cloud based solution

Everything runs completely automatically on autopilot, without the need of installing any software, extensions or have your computer turned on. Access your data from anywhere.

Unlimited number of searches & campaigns

Start multiple searches and campaigns at the same time. Everything is unlimited and everything runs on autopilot.

Auto-enrichment & data cleaning

All of the data that HeyReach provides is relevant, matching your ICP, 100% clean and enriched. LinkedIn returns around 70% dirty and non-relevant data most of the time. We fix it.

Dedicated local IP address for each account (195+ countries)

We provide premium dedicated local IP address for each account, and support nearly every country out there. LinkedIn pays great attention to the IP address you’re logged in from.

Extract thousands of leads without Sales Navigator

Having multiple LinkedIn profiles on the same search, returns thousands of results with a really small overlap. All the other tools allow you to extract only up to 1000 LinkedIn results. Add 5 LinkedIn profiles on the same search, and extract up to 4500+ results.

6+ different search types

Extract group members, post engagers, event attendees, accounts or leads from Sales Navigator, employees from a list of companies, leads that match your advanced boolean searches and much more.

Native CRM integrations

One click to sync all your leads with your CRM. Forget about exporting and importing CSVs or setting up webhooks or Zapier. Sync your leads with HubSpot, Pipedrive or SalesForce.

Multi-account Search

Extract thousands of results from LinkedIn, by combining multiple LinkedIn profiles on the same search query. For example, you can get 4500+ leads from 5 LinkedIn accounts, in average.

Multi-account Outreach

Scale your LinkedIn outreach indefinitely, in the safest way possible. Combine multiple LinkedIn profiles on the same outreach sequence and reach to hundreds of leads in a day.

Ultra-smart outreach sequences

Build outreach flows by combining profile views, post likes, follows, connection requests, messages, follow-ups, InMails and more. Reach to hundreds of leads per day, with multi-account outreach.

Infinite A/B sequence testing

Test different message copies with A/B sequences that learn. We track everything, and provide extremely detailed reports on your outreach sequences.

Sales Navigator compatible

Extract leads from Sales Navigator, enrich them with their emails, and use them in outreach sequences. You can also share one Sales Navigator between all profiles.

Unified Smart Inbox

Manage one inbox, do outreach from multiple LinkedIn profiles. All of the conversations from all of your LinkedIn profiles, synchronized at one place. Tags, filters, pins, reminders, notes - you name it.

Deep-dive analytics

We track everything. Each campaign’s performance, each message copy’s performance, each account within a campaign performance, how many people moved through each step in the sequence and more.

10+ Personalization variables

Personalize your messages or connection requests with every personalization variable you can think of. We’ve seen 56% increase in reply rate when using personalization variables.

Lists of people & companies

Organize your search results into lists of people and companies. Add tags, export them, import them to your CRM with just a click, combine or intersect lists, auto-enrich that data, and much more.

Custom tags & filters

Add custom tags to the prospects who are relevant to you, and filter by everything you can imagine. Campaigns, accounts, tags, type of messages, etc.

Pause, edit, resume sequences

If an outreach sequence doesn’t convert as expected, feel free to edit the message copies and resume it. Pause sequences that are not relevant to you to prioritize others and run multiple camapaigns at the same time.

Extract employees from companies

Provide a list of companies, your target job titles, and HeyReach will build a list of your ICPs in seconds. No need of Sales Navigator or additional services for this.

Coming Soon

Extract more than 2500 leads from Sales Navigator

HeyReach is the only tool on the market that allows you to extract more than 2500 leads from Sales Navigator.

Coming Soon

Email outreach

Create combined multi-channel campaigns with LinkedIn and email outreach. Connect multiple email accounts on a single sequence, and reach more leads with the same multi-account approach.

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