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Scale your LinkedIn outreach indefinitely.
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Safely send unlimited connection requests & messages from multiple synchronized accounts, with the only agency-first LinkedIn automation tool on the market.

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Use multiple accounts on one campaign, simultaneously

Connect as many accounts as you want to a single campaign, and scale your outreach by synchronizing the accounts. Now your team can safely scale their LinkedIn outreach indefinitely, without the need for surpassing LinkedIn limits.

Why multiple accounts

Find, extract and clean data from anywhere on LinkedIn

Extract unlimited number of people and companies from LinkedIn, get only clean and relevant data, and auto-enrich it with email and phone numbers.

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Deep-dive analytics
A/B testing
Runs on autopilot

Ultra-Scalable Outreach

Scale your outreach indefinitely, by connecting multiple accounts on a single outreach sequence. Send connection requests, view people’s profiles, like their posts, send A/B hyper-personalized messages, and more!

Deep-dive analytics
A/B testing
Runs on autopilot

One inbox for all accounts

Manage one inbox, do outreach from multiple accounts. All of the conversations from all of your LinkedIn accounts, synchronized at one place. Manage all your leads, add tags, pin conversations, filter by campaigns or accounts, add reminders, notes, and much more.

Unified Smart Inbox

Native CRM Integrations

One-click to sync all of your prospect data with your CRM. Forget about exporting and importing CSVs, paying your VAs to manually enter data, setting up webhooks or integrating with Zapier. Just click, and all your data will be synced with your CRM in a second.

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Safe & truly unlimited LinkedIn outreach. For real.

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Hear from our

Tom Fisher
Owner @ GoatOutreach

It is a massive, massive game changer for us. And there are a number of reasons why being able to pull data off via Sales Navigator, quickly and efficiently is a massive, massive win, I can run some extraction of data, and it will take five minutes to go and get a list of two and a half hours and prospects.

Davis Lejnieks
Reddit Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

The platform itself as seen in the beta, already gives so many tools and possibilities. Actually gets my heart pumping because it's not only a single profile, you can actually add different profiles to it. You can actually create awesome workflows.

Darko Davkovski
Owner & COO @ NextSales LLC

The thing that I like is that you have the ability to connect multiple accounts to the same campaign, and this will allow us to truly scale outreach without the risk of getting our accounts suspended. So this is I believe, a huge value point and a huge value proposition for us as an agency.

Effie Moss
CEO @ Boost Agency

Heyreach have actually reached a wonderful balance of being able to give you speed, great features, brilliant reporting, dashboard as well, and the ability for agency owners like myself to be able to run campaigns at which we know the tool will then just carry on and take care of whilst we walk away and work on day to day stuff.


All your doubts,

Why is using multiple accounts better than a single account?

By using multiple accounts, you can get faster results and safely scale your whole outreach. How so? Multiple accounts can run one campaign simultaneously and reach your campaign goals faster.

🔍 For example, with the basic LinkedIn search, you can extract up to 1000 results from LinkedIn, per account. If you connect 5 LinkedIn accounts, you can get up to 5000 unique results from LinkedIn, by running the same search query. The same goes for the outreach campaigns, as well.

📢 Let's say you're sending 100 messages per day, per account. If you have a list of 1000 prospects, with one LinkedIn account you'll end the campaign in 10 days. If you connect 5 LinkedIn accounts, the campaign is finished in 2 days, and the whole outreach game is scaled safely.

Do I need to keep my browser open while HeyReach is running?

No, you don't need to keep your browser open. HeyReach is cloud-based tool, and your data is safe and available anytime, anywhere, from any device.

I am an agency, how can I connect the accounts of my team?

It's simple. You can activate the subscription on as many accounts as you need, and go to 'Accounts' tab on the main dashboard to add new ones. Enter all the details required to connect new LinkedIn accounts. The accounts with HeyReach will be connected right away, and ready to start a campaign immediately.

Do I need LinkedIn Premium or a Sales Navigator subscription to use HeyReach?

You don't need to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator to use HeyReach. Except in cases where you would like to use the Sales Navigator search options, you need your subscription to be active.

💡 Note: By connecting multiple accounts, you can scale the number of people you can extract from Sales Navigator. For example. 5 LinkedIn accounts with Sales Navigator can extract up to 10,000 leads from one search query.

Is HeyReach safe for my account?

HeyReach is the safest tool on the market. Our team makes sure to keep all accounts safe, by completely mimicking. We advise you to keep your accounts' activities within LinkedIn limits.

Is there a long-term commitment if I subscribe to HeyReach?

There is no long-term commitment to using HeyReach. The subscription model is a month-to-month (or quarter-to-quarter), so you can continue or cancel your subscription every month/quarter.