About us

👋Who is behind HeyReach?

Hey there, we are Howitzer Inc. We are a team of driven hustlers, who build marketing automation tools for startups, agencies and SMBs.
Howitzer Inc. is a VC-backed company that raised $500,000 in October 2021, by Day One Capital.

🌠What is Howitzer?

We are a product-oriented startup, that continuously works on creating new, marvelous products that empower endless number of professionals around the world!

Our story starts back in 2021, when we created Howitzer for Reddit. It is the first marketing tool for Reddit, that allows our customers to find their leads on Reddit and convert them to their customers using personalized automated Reddit messages. In 2021, Howitzer for Reddit brought us to our pre-seed investment of $500,000.

From then, our team is continuously growing and has strong focus on building the best marketing automation tools on the worldwide market!

🚀What is next?

HeyReach is only the second product we have built since our start. Our company vision is to continue creating new products according to the market's need and empower professionals and teams from any industry to utilize our tools!

Stay tuned for more upcoming news! 🎉