One inbox for all connected accounts

Chat with all your leads in one place without switching through your connected LinkedIn accounts. Just select the LinkedIn accounts and jump seamlessly through conversations with each lead.

Stay connected with all of your leads

Filter and tag messages to keep track of every conversation


All conversations in one inbox

Stop wasting time searching through each conversation in your messy inbox. Your LinkedIn inbox and InMail are merged into one, for all of your LinkedIn accounts. Now, you can easily manage replies from prospects for each campaign!


Add tags and filters

Use filters and tags to search conversations through the whole inbox, making it super simple to track and continue communication without interruption. Add custom tags to keep you updated on the next step of your work, and never miss a reply again!

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Manage your SDRs performance

Get real-time insights into each LinkedIn account's inbox. Be sure that your offer is communicated to your prospects in the right way. Measure the performance of the SDR team and edit campaigns according to results.

Connect up to 3 LinkedIn accounts, for free

Everything unlimited for 14-day free trial. No credit card required.